Wedding Couple - Formal Cartoon

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Above is a more formal, sit-down cartoon I produced in June 2013 for a soon to be married couple. By sit-down I mean I didn't do it in real time. Though I did do some real-time sketches of the couple. I visited them in their house to do some live drawing of them before producing the final cartoon. See below the sketches I did with pencil, pen and ink.

'Drink And Draw' At Loft Belfast (19.Vi.13)

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The lovely picture above is one taken by a member of The Loft Collective (@loftbelfast) - a shared studio that hosts an exciting group of artists in the north side of Belfast city centre. The above event was a night eponymously called 'Drink and Draw' - held June 18 2013: Life drawing with alcohol in suit. Always good for freeing up the creative impulses and loosening the hand and wrist. Carrying on Ronald Searle's bibulous tradition supremely.

Click the link below and check out a selection of my drawings from the night: